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300 minutes to landlines and mobile phones within the European Union. Clever included telephone line, by use of an IP Phone

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We recommend the DP715 phone (base phone) 79.90€‚ and DP710 (Additional Terminal) for 69,90€

The wireless phones from Grandstream DP715 represent the newest generation of cordless long range phones, at a fair price and easy use. The wireless DECT IP phones are perfect for small business and the consumer market. The DP175 phone has a compact size, excellent voice quality with good price-performance, leading the market with wide coverage that offers the user all the benefits of mobility and voice quality by using IP and can be had for a small investment. DP715 / 710 is compatible with most devices of IP PBX and SIP DECT standard. The DECT base station can register up to 4 more DECT handsets (DP710); you will have 5 terminals giving you the possibility to make up to 4 simultaneous calls.